The Road Less Traveled


San Antonio, Lima

There is no substitute

for hardwork.

Which is exactly why I’ve been MIA for about a month and a half–I’ve been extremely busy.
I finally registered Giving the Green Light as a non-profit, finally finished spring semester (with an A in calculus!), and recently arrived from two weeks in Lima, Peru. But I’m sure all of that is of little importance to you so I’ll get back to the good stuff.
Recently, I’ve been entirely consumed in finding ways to make things out of recycled products, and I’ve come across some pretty sweet stuff.

Exhibit A: Bag, rings, and hair clips made from recycled keyboards

Show off your inner nerd and put that keyboard sitting in your garage to some fashionable use! I’m going to attempt one of these in the near future with a DIY post. Cheesy liner in 3…2…1. You can look adorkable with your cross-body keyboard bag to impress your professor on your computer proficiency!

Exhibit B: Plastic bottles

Now that’s what I call interior decorating on a budget. Your plastic bottle christmas lights could be the topic of conversation at your next party, or maybe use the bottom of the bottle that look like flowers as a nice addition to any living room.

Exhibit C: CDs

Now that everyone’s switched over to mp3s, what the fug am I supposed to do with all my CDs? They’re not even interesting collectibles, but embarrassing CDs from 5th grade like Spice Girls and Britney Spears (don’t judge me). Well, a disco ball would be pretty damn sweet, and gives me a good reason to destroy the evidence of my embarrassing music taste as a teen.

Exhibit D: Cans

I’m not much of an earrings kinda-girl but its an interesting way to reuse the ridiculous amounts of canned iced tea I drink. Not to mention recycled just a single aluminum can will power a 40 watt lightbulb for four hours!

Now, I’m not saying to decorate or style your wardrobe entirely in pre-fabricated materials (cause that’s just tacky and bad for our GDP) but it’s definitely a fun project for those of you who (luckily) are not taking any classes this summer or working. And obviously, its great for the environment.


Giving the Green Light: A Silent Crisis

Here’s a short film I created for a contest called Film Your Issue. Hope you enjoy it!

Currently Craving: April

Major hiatus right now. I’ve been disgustingly busy making a short film for my Giving the Green Light project (which I will post here once finished) and I have the Clinton Global Initiative University Meeting this weekend, but have no fear, I have a widdle bit of music to keep you entertained until I regain my sanity! Enjoy! xoxoxo

What I Call Home

Thank God.